The pensions market is changing rapidly.  In recent years there has been a seemingly endless flow of new pensions regulations, schemes plus new pension rules and the introduction of auto enrolment.

Fast and efficient access to accurate data is essential if pension administrators are to provide the best possible service to scheme members. Increasing regulatory pressure requires administrators  to undertake costly bulk data exercises such as data cleansing or GMP Reconciliations. EDM can help to reduce this burden.

How We Help

From in-house and third party administration to independent trustees and de-risk solution providers, our business process and information management solutions have been proven to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

Our ability to scan historic and current records (regardless of their format), intelligently classify key document types and extract specific data, enables our customers to quickly and efficiently access business critical information.


Source years of pensions data in 10 minutes.

Pendulum provides a quick and easy way to search through large volumes of data for hard to find information, with access through a single, seamless, intuitive web interface.

Efficiency gains and cost reductions are realised when users can quickly and easily locate content that helps to complete a task, solve a problem or advance a business process that would have otherwise exhausted valuable employee resources.

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Microfiche Scanning

Storing documents away on microfiche or microfilm is now an out-dated method of data archiving. These films can easily be lost or damaged and finding one file from a film or fiche slide is not an easy task. There are plenty of advantages to microfilm and microfiche conversion. Electronic access to information ultimately saves time and money, while at the same time improving efficiency and security.  Documents can be distributed easier electronically, via e-mail or online hosting, eliminating the need to print, post or fax them, which saves on costs.

Over 1 million pension records scanned from fiche and paper

We’ve been working with the pensions sector for 15 years

Our services can achieve 60% efficiency savings on standard admin tasks