The healthcare industry is facing monumental changes brought on by an aging population, significant changes in regulation, as well as rapid advances in technology that enable new care regimens and improved health for patients.

As healthcare organisations look to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities, technology will increasingly play a critical role in key areas such as improved co-ordination of care through secure exchange of data, online availability and access to information and key services; and the handling of patient information safely and securely.

By improving operational efficiency and automating patient services, healthcare providers are able to provide the best possible service to patients and its employees in a compliant and secure way.

How We Help

EDM Group is a trusted provider of digital information management services to the healthcare sector.  We have undertaken some of the largest and most challenging medical-record digitisation projects in the UK and US are well placed to replicate that experience, streamlining back-office operations where there is equal scope for improved efficiency and cost reduction. Even though paper charts, invoices, patient data and critical business information  is now electronic —paper continues to flow into the business via fax, mail and other data forms.

We understand that patient care is your primary focus—but with the Affordable Care Act, ICD-10, HIPAA, and Meaningful Use, you can trust EDM to safely and securely manage your back-office needs.

Medical Records Scanning

EDM Group is a respected provider of information and records management services to the healthcare sector. With our network of specialist facilities using the latest in scanning technology, backed by decades of experience, we have developed into one of the largest medical records scanning companies.  Having scanned in excess of 1 billion images for NHS Trusts and private healthcare companies, EDM is regularly chosen because of its experience and proven ability to deliver challenging large-scale medical record capture projects.

We have undertaken some of the largest and most challenging medical-record digitisation projects. We effectively transform the way patient care is delivered making patient records available to clinicians whenever they are needed. By improving access to clinical data internal processes become more streamlined and costs benefits realised, not least in freeing up valuable space previously taken up by paper documents.

Digital Mailroom

EDM has the capability to deliver rapid implementation of digital mailroom solutions for the healthcare sector.

Moving organisations away from a highly manual process that take up valuable amounts of management time to an automated process. Stored in EDM’s online portal, as well as excellent document image quality and security of their documents, clients also enjoy have full visibility and traceability of incoming mail.

Document Management

EDM’s system standardises records thereby ensuring consistency of approach and best-practise records management. Individual records can be assigned a unique barcode allowing files to be located quickly when needed. As well as hosting physical records, EDM can code and scan new records and provide Scan on Demand services.

Updated information can be sent regularly from the client’s system to EDM Online so that the process is as automated and seamless as possible and allows them to instantly retrieve their files online, freeing up administrative staff to concentrate on more value added tasks.

EDM Online can be integrated directly with your EHR with other systems such as ERP, CRM and document workflow, making access to health records even easier.

Services provided to over 45 NHS trusts

500+ million medical record images scanned with Mid Yorks NHS and Heart of England NHS

15 million medical record images scanned every month

30% reduction in paper handling costs