Healthcare Insurance

Even with the industry’s most current technology advancements, health insurance companies are still buried under mountains of paper-based claims that require significant labor to sort, review and process.

The result is claims backlogs, routing and distribution errors and decreased visibility into claims inventories that can jeopardise an insurer’s cash flow and profitability.

How We Help

EDM provides global claims processing for some of the largest Healthcare Insurance providers in the US. With several millions of transactions processed monthly, EDM provides digital mailroom claims processing services as well as print and fulfilment of health statements, EOB’s, checks, and other correspondence.

EDM’s Digital Mailroom for Claims Processing solutions deliver lower processing costs and improved turnaround times meaning less state-imposed penalties for slow claims payment for clients. Claims can be found easily and swiftly, with operational visibility into the entire claims process across the organisation, from management to client support resulting in higher client satisfaction.

Outsourcing their mailroom and claims processing systems to EDM, allows clients to receives images of received mail within 24 hours of receipt.

Digital Mailroom

Mail is routed to EDM where correspondence is extracted, documents are sorted and prepped for scanning and then imaged via high-speed IBML production scanners. Index data from the files is then captured by OCR technology with the ability to extract data from unstructured documents.

As correspondence can be received from any source, across any sector, from lawyers to physiotherapists, there is no set layout or structure.

Data is then sent into one of over 140 queues validated against client-specific tables, ensuring that documents are forwarded to the correct department for further processing before being exported into EDM’s proprietary cloud-based document hosting system, EDM Online for client use.

Services provided to over 45 NHS trusts

500+ million medical record images scanned with Mid Yorks NHS and Heart of England NHS

15 million medical record images scanned every month

30% reduction in paper handling costs