Document Scanning Services & Digitisation

EDM are a leading provider of document scanning and digitisation services.

With the capacity to provide high-volume, bulk document scanning and digitisation services, we can fulfil high-volume scanning requirements for our clients. We digitise hundreds of millions of documents annually, transforming analogue and digital communications from paper or faxes to emails, web forms and social media, into digital data that merges seamlessly into a workflow that can quickly and accurately be routed and acted upon. With a national network of specialist scanning facilities, the latest document digitisation technology and decades of experience, we can help you become paperfree.

Lower Operating Costs
Improved productivity
Improved quality and compliance

Document Scanning Solutions

We specialise in bulk document scanning and digitisation. We scan, abstract or extract key data from your critical business documents and records so you no longer view their documents as a headache and a liability but a rich and valuable digital asset that drives efficient business processing and best in class customer service.

Document Scanning Service and Digitisation Services Process

Document Scanning Services

We deploy state of the art scanning technology not only to create digital images from analogue sources, but also to intelligently extract data from inbound documents whether analogue or digital, such as emails and data originating from the web. This enables us to provide:

  • • Automated document classification and routing
  • • Consistent processing, whatever the original document format
  • • Rich data capture and analysis
  • • Business process management
  • • Multi-lingual document processing
  • • Comprehensive management information

On-Demand Document Scanning

Digitise documents at regular intervals determined by your business to have individual documents retrieved, scanned and available within a few hours, as and when you need them within a few hours via our scan-on-demand solution.

Document Storage & Archiving

Your document storage archive is a vital business resource. Our huge capacity for document scanning means we can digitise your documents and records swiftly and provide secure document storage.

Specialised Document Digitisation

Precious data isn’t always on letter or legal-sized papers so we have specialised services for specific scanning like fetal heart monitoring strips, books, microfiche and microfilm.

Microfiche Scanning

Many organisations across public and private sectors still have a large amount of historical data stored on microfiche or film. There are many ways Microfiche can get damaged including handling, bad storage environment and complete Microfiche archives have been lost due to these factors.  These films can easily be lost or damaged and finding one file from a film or fiche slide is not an easy task.

Digitising these records reduces security risk and saves considerable time, resources and cost. Our scanning centres are designed for microfiche scanning and processing of documents and historical materials. All microfilm scanning and storage takes place in a humidity and temperature controlled facility with state of the art technology.

RM Results is at the heart of educational assessment

RM Results is the product of 40 years’ experience in education technology working with the world’s leading exam boards, to modernise assessment. Every year more than a million people around the world get the marks they deserve thanks to RM Results, who provide an e-marking solution for examination boards both in the UK and internationally. EDM and RM Results are trusted partners with deep expertise who work closely together to continually improve the service and quality we offer to our customers and 3rd parties. EDM plays a vital part in the process by receiving millions of examination scripts, capturing critical data and uploading these electronically to RM Results for distribution to scoring assessors while also securely storing the physical examination papers post processing, before securely destroying them. Watch our short video for an overview of the scanning process developed by EDM to ensure the successful delivery of nearly 65 million images captured during the 2-month summer examination period.

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