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AIIM Conference Overview

Unsurprisingly, it is expected that the role that digital technologies will play in the business world will intensify significantly for much of the foreseeable future. The corporate focus on digitech and the role it can – and will – play in shaping the competitive landscape has become profound. It can be seen that there are three broad drivers of this growth.

1 – Market Disruption: the rapid rise of tech-savvy market disruptors such as Uber and Airbnb (not to mention established disruptors such as Google and Amazon) has rippled across all sectors.

2 – Opportunity: the drive for competitive advantage has meant a greater focus by many firms on new business processes, solutions and systems.

3 – Governance and Regulation: concerns about data and information management – and how companies protect and retrieve them – continue to grow.

In today’s world of digital transformation, companies must stay competitive by deploying software such as Intelligent Capture, AI and RPA to automate their business processes.  Outsourcing with a BPA provider allows companies to focus on their own core competencies, while lowering costs, reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

Paper isn’t completely going away anytime soon so it’s imperative to leverage BPA providers that can deploy customized software solutions to automate repetitive/manual tasks.

EDM is a leading international provider of information management and digital transformation services with a proven history in providing innovative BPM solutions.

Our specialist roundtable session will explore with you, the types of questions that your organization should be addressing as you move to a digital transformation process.


Join our specialist roundtable session in room Seguin A” to explore with you, the types of questions that your organization should be addressing as you move through your digital transformation process.