Guiding you through your digital transformation journey

4 Oct 2018

Guiding you through your digital transformation journey

4th October 2018

Today it is absolutely critical to embrace the digital world, and move to a more effective way of working. EDM Group have been helping our clients through their digital transformation journey; bringing all of their data into a secure and central portal, providing organisations with instant access to the information they need to enrich their own customers’ experience. We have forty years of experience helping our clients to bridge the gap from analogue to digital, bringing multiple business benefits.

Many organisations still use very paper based, manual processes and it’s a major challenge to turn paper documents into digital records, especially for companies who are required to work with hard copies on a daily basis.  EDM Group use proven technologies, providing you with complete document scanning and management solutions; including digital mailroom, record handling and document printing for outgoing communications.

EDM have worked with some of the biggest organisations in the UK and US, including government departments, NHS trusts, banks and major financial institutions. We have a proven track record in delivering real change and tangible benefits. Our customers have been able to become truly paperless, cut costs and risk, and handle critical information and processes more efficiently.