EDM Group Celebrates World Paper Free Day

9 Nov 2017

EDM Group Celebrates World Paper Free Day

9th November 2017

EDM Group Celebrates World Paper Free Day

The drive for businesses to become paper-free and  move toward a more digital workplace was initiated as far back as the 80’s, yet today as we celebrate World Paperfree Day, more than a third of businesses still do not have a digitisation plan in place, despite the well-known benefits.

With our continued effort to guide our customers on their path to digitisation and free them from the inefficiencies of paper, we are pleased to welcome Jonathan Sharp to EDM Group whose focus will be to drive the Sales effort in this direction.

With less than 7 months to the GDPR deadline, we understand that many of you have questions and concerns and I encourage you to speak to your Account Manager about how we can help.

With less than 2 months to Christmas, I wish you success and thank you for your continued support.

Sam Ferguson
Group Chief Executive Officer and President
EDM Group

MSS Recognised by Mortgage Industry as key innovator for PRISM

EDM Group’s award winning PRISM provides Lenders with complete control of the risk evaluation process by bringing together everything needed in a revolutionary online marketplace.

Digital Mailroom is transforming business processes

On World Paper Free Day, EDM Group is proud to be supporting our customers on their journey to Paper Freedom. Processing in excess of 70,000 mail items per day in our Digital Mail Room’s across the UK, we truly eliminate paper at source. Getting data capture right across every channel and making data available quickly, accurately and in context dramatically improves customer service, efficiencies and cost savings.

GDPR is upon us – Are you ready?

Replacing the current Data Protection Act, the GDPR introduces a series of far-reaching changes to the way in which organisations are allowed to store, move and manage data.

EDM Group has provided 12 key priorities for organisations in the coming 6 months.

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