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Free up your HR team by simplifying your records management

Do you have a room full of paper employee records? Is your HR team spending far too much time keeping track of employee enquiries, searching for information, filing documents and being tied to head office where the records are?

Regardless of how many employees your organisation has, this is a very common problem. It’s one that you can, and should, address.

We offer a simple and cost effective solution that combines communication, service and content into a simple document management and HR ticket solution.

What are the benefits?

We help you manage your enquiries and resources to meet agreed SLAs and monitor performance.

  • Staff time savings of 40 to 50%
  • Helps make HR’s life easier by logging and tracking requests
  • Real time management information
  • Information security and legislative/regulatory compliance
  • Automatic routing of requests to the right HR agent
  • Implementation takes around just 8 weeks
  • Compliance with ISO27001, ISO9001, BS10008, ISO14001

How does it work?

  • The system helps your HR staff log and track requests. A new ticket is raised manually by your nominated HR agent completing a web form or automatically from an employee sending an email to the HR team
  • The request can either be closed there and then or assigned to the appropriate HR agent to follow up and complete the task. Employees can even raise requests online themselves
  • The employee record, be it scanned paper or electronic documents, is available to view along with HR policy documents and any open or historical enquiries made by the employee. Through the same easy-to-use interface your HR agents can also upload new electronic or scanned documents

We host the entire solution for you, keeping the impact on your in-house IT resources to a minimum. We’ll also customise the system to meet your specific needs.

If you already have a service management solution, we can digitise your employee records and integrate them into your existing HR solution.

We’ve digitised records for more than 250,000 employees

HR teams in many organisations can now work more efficiently thanks to our HR service desk.

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