Digital Mailroom

A digital mailroom pioneer since 2004, EDM works with many of the leading private and public sector enterprise organisations in the UK today, providing intelligent mailroom automation technology that transforms business processes.

Key Benefits to the organisation

Working closely with our customers to understand the value of the information we are processing and how that information drives their business, we have helped them achieve:

  • 60% operational efficiency gains across the enterprise
  • 20% financial savings in the first 12 months
  • Considerable risk reduction associated with vulnerable paper documents

EDM Credentials

  • 40 years experience in document management
  • Scanning solutions to more than 500 organisations
  • 3m mail items processed each month
  • 100m digital images processed
  • 7bn online documents stored
  • Certified to the highest levels of compliance ISO9001 / ISO27001 / BS10008 / PCIDSS /

ISO14001 (accreditation logos)

Digital Mailroom is an integrated platform delivering end-to-end information management capability. Combining sophisticated technology and automation with high capacity facilities and outsourced services.

Digital Mailroom has 6 components

  • Receive
  • Capture
  • Store
  • Process
  • Inform
  • Communicate


All inbound information, whether physical or electronic, can be received by EDM and directed to the same processing flow.


Using leading-edge technologies, EDM can capture images of documents on physical media and then also capture key data from all sources, enabling categorisation and routing using intelligent classification software.


All documents are stored securely in EDM Online, a powerful hosted information management system that’s accessible 24 x 365 from any computer with an internet connection. EDM also stores original paper and microfilm archives until they are no longer required and then they are securely destroyed.


EDM systems trigger workflows, so that the right staff are allocated task based on suitability, availability and cost – not just location. EDM’s intelligent technology integrated with clients’ other systems ensures that all the information is readily available to complete each task, optimising efficiency.


Every aspect of EDM’s services are designed to ensure compliance and control. Clients have full visibility of each document’s location and status which allows for optimisation of processing, delivers rich management information, and can also be shared with regulatory authorities and other 3rd parties when appropriate, such as auditing.


Communication is key to modern business and EDM enables tailored and timely communication with clients and partners, accurately and automatically. Staff can focus on the important things because EDM removes the clutter.

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