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Our capture services help you save time and increase efficiency

Want to improve your back office efficiency and provide a better customer experience?

As the UK’s leading provider of document digitisation services, we specialise in capturing inbound communications.

We transform analogue communications, such as paper or faxes, and digital communications, such as emails, web forms and social media, into digital data.

We have the capacity to convert hundreds of millions of pages every year

With a national network of specialist facilities, the latest scanning technology and decades of experience, we can take on all types of conversion projects.

Our scanning services include:

  • Archive – your document archive is a vital business resource. Our huge capacity for scanning means we can digitise it quickly for you
  • Day-forward – digitise documents at regular intervals determined by your business with us and have individual documents retrieved, scanned and available within a few hours, as and when you need them
  • Specialised – book, microfiche and microfilm scanning services

We deploy state of the art technology not only to create digital images from analogue sources, but also to intelligently extract data from inbound documents whether analogue or digital, such as emails and data originating from the web. This enables us to provide:

  • Automated document classification and routing
  • Consistent processing, whatever the original document format
  • Rich data capture and analysis
  • Business process management
  • Multi-lingual document processing
  • Comprehensive management information

EDM’s customers no longer view their documents as a headache and a liability; they become a rich and valuable asset and resource that drives efficient business processing and best in class customer service.

Discover today how you can save time and increase efficiency.

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