Business process management

Optimise your agility and productivity

Business process management (BPM) combines electronic document management services with workflow technology to automate key business processes.

The continuous refinement and improvement of processes enables organisations to be more efficient, agile, productive and, ultimately, more profitable.

We provide tailored BPM solutions that unlock the potential value trapped in day-to-day operational processes and disparate IT systems

We capture information in analogue format, digitise it and categorise it for storage in our hosted system, EDM Online. That way, it can be automatically identified and routed to the correct business function for action.

Where documents come into an organisation via digital channels – for example email, fax, web traffic or EDI – they can be seamlessly and automatically merged into work streams. This means you can process everything consistently and efficiently regardless of what channel the data originally arrived through.

Our experience and business expertise enable us to devise the most efficient solution, automating as much of the process as possible.

Our workflow solutions improve the way you work by giving you the information you need to make decisions and take action

Documents are automatically routed to the correct person or business function to streamline and expedite admin-heavy processes, freeing up thousands of man-hours and ensuring routine processes are dealt with consistently.

We’ve developed a number of pre-built modules and can also design, prototype, refine and deliver workflow solutions for your unique processes.

Excel in your customer service with our integrated services that can automatically fulfil your outbound communications – through digital channels or outbound mail. Our specialised knowledge and services raise the bar in communication lifecycle management. Your customers receive timely communications and your business maintains its momentum.

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